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Happily married Mommy staying home to raise 3 amazing kiddos.


I am a SAHM to 3 fabulous kiddos. I am both a biological and an adoptive parent in addition to being the parent of a hard of hearing (HOH) child. I am married to our Cub Scout Cubmaster and am a Den Leader. I love to read! I love to craft and scrapbook. I am terrible cook but a decent baker. My shopping habit and my pocket book don't usually coincide, so I am working on being a bit more frugal. I have kept journals since I was old enough to write and now I am venturing into the world of digital journals AKA blogs. I love getting comments and am always looking to share ideas!


Learning to cook, crafts, scrapbooking, reading, adoption, Cub Scouts, parenting, saving money,