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September 26, 2011


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Hello. I have been lovin your blog! I too have wondered where you were. I sat up one night and read a ton of your posts. I loved each and every one of them!!! No I am not a stalker! LOL I can't wait to do this with my boy. He is 9 and loves to do crafty stuff. I also found some really good things for his scout den to do as well, since I am the leader. Thanks so much for the awesomeness!!! Your kids are so very lucky to have you as a mommy! Btw they are toooo cute! Can't wait for more!


Glad you are back. E loved the rocks and I think T would too. See you finally made me comment on a blog.

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These crafting ideas are really very nice which are the best efforts of kids.They all are enjoying with it too.


Can't believe my eyes. I reached this amazing site and downloaded the app. Truly recommended guys!

Sra Mas

Is there a sealer you can put on these finished rocks so the crayon doesn't come off? I was thinking of having campers do these in camp.


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