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June 04, 2012


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Serena Outland

I admire you for having the courage to raise kinds and enduring all the challenges along the way. Despite their early struggles in hearing, you still strive to give them the best you can. I'm pretty sure those tests for L resulted in positive marks, right?



I am not on the computer much but went and tried to catch up on the blog today...my heart goes out to you dear friend. You and Lucy are in my prayers and if you need a time to nap...my girls would love to have Lucy over to play :o) Hope to see you in Oct...and let me know if there is anything I can do. Hugs,

Rebecca Kavel

Based on your story, I can sense that L is one strong, sweet child. Plus, your unending love and support significantly help in lifting her spirits up. All the best to you and your family!

hearing aids London

Despite what happened to your kid you still stood strong to give him what he need. The cochlear implant is very important like any other hearing aids out there. Somehow it can help them bring the sound that they supposed to hear. We should not ignore this necessity of those who suffered from hearing loss.

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